The unprecedented spread of COVID across the globe has affected everyone. CleanQore protects businesses against this and future pandemics by offering a groundbreaking product called MonoFoil: a disinfectant and antimicrobial in one that KILLS COVID-19.

CleanQore makes it safe to open and operate businesses, schools, and other venues, giving clients and consumers the confidence to restart their lives. One single application eliminates the spread of infectious diseases around the clock and leaves a protective barrier that keeps working after the initial application.

Our Eradication Services kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including the COVID‐19 virus, on surfaces in three minutes. The application of our unique single‐step dual‐action disinfectant and antimicrobial to surfaces complies with the CDC guidelines. CleanQore has key relationship protocols with our partners where we develop our disinfectant application programs.

Are you safe from a COVID-19 outbreak?

Has your business had a COVID‐19 outbreak? Or, does your business have a potential COVID‐19 outbreak? We are ready to help! The worldwide pandemic has people thinking of ways to protect themselves from possible contamination. The effects of this type of bio‐hazard situation can last up to weeks or months.

Choosing the Right Partner to Keep You Safe

We want to be your partner when it comes to customizing the solution that is right for you. Your facility size, frequency of service, complexity, building layout, and specific needs are all things to consider for your customized quote. From elevators to offices, we offer a complete protection service. We protect your facility from harmful viruses, bacteria, and infectious diseases, as well as mold, mildew, and odors, using safe methods that work.

It is crucial to keep your facilities disinfected and protected as an ongoing process. Doing so can mean the difference between contracting a deadly virus or remaining healthy. We have the right experience, equipment, and hospital‐grade disinfectant to leave your facility protected. Using CleanQore’s advanced electrostatic technology and our EPA’s ListN approved disinfectant/antimicrobial, we can provide a fast and effective treatment that kills COVID‐19 and leaves a protective barrier against it coming back.

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