CleanQore makes it safer to open and operate businesses giving clients and consumers the confidence to restart their lives. One single application protects against the spread of infectious diseases around the clock.

Back in Business!

COVID-19 has shut down businesses and triggered essential questions that need answering, such as: “How do we return, and will workers feel safe? Can we prevent an outbreak and not lose money and productivity?”  CleanQore can help eliminate these worries and offer you, your workers, and clients peace of mind.

CleanQore can set your business back in high gear faster than you believed feasible!  Just one lasting application can keep your employees and customers protected and safe.

  • Illnesses cost U.S. companies a staggering $530 billion in lost performance each year due to the spread of bacteria on work surfaces, which have 400 times more bacteria than toilet seats.

  • 80% of illnesses spread by touch happen at the workplace.

  • CleanQore’s MonoFoil stops the spread of diseases with its protective antimicrobial layer keeping employees working full time.

Protecting Our Children and Teachers

The existing pandemic has placed even more obligation on schools than ever before, producing sizable financial and operational burdens.  Moms, Dads and their children are anxious. Teachers are stretched thin. Yet, the need to be present in the class has never been greater.  CleanQore can help you provide pupils and staff the relief and comfort they need to get back to learning in the best atmosphere: the classroom.

The typical youngster touches their face about 40-50 times per hour.  They likewise touch practically everything else.  Among the very best means to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses between children is to make every surface around them secure.  CleanQore creates an affective obstacle that actively and continually kills bacteria, significantly diminishing their spread.  Whether it be classes, common areas, or dorms, CleanQore facilitates getting academic life back on track and safeguards the campus experience.

Ensure your students and teachers can safely resume their classes, sporting activities, clubs, and involvements, and make use of every learning possibility with CleanQore.

Keeping the Focus on Care

One lasting application of MonoFoil by CleanQore immediately and constantly eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses while killing COVID-19 making your healthcare facility risk-free for months!  CleanQore can eradicate the spread of common infections that move in close proximities, such as SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, Influenza, Staph, Rhinovirus (the acute rhinitis), RSV, and even more healthcare-associated infections.

Infections are among the most common hospital treatments challenges and in the top 10 causes of death in the United States. Sanitization programs can be time-consuming, costly, and broadly ineffective. Daily antibacterial products don’t get the job done. CleanQore’s advanced treatment protocols ensure protection on all surfaces, drastically improving the efficacy over substandard sanitizers applied by hand.

CleanQore’s MonoFoil can shield your staff and patients, allowing elective procedures and visiting hours again and in turn reuniting families.  Restoring your team’s confidence will enable them to focus their concentration on providing the best care possible.

Plan to Reopen

Conferences, concerts, conventions: all canceled due to COVID-19.  But, with CleanQore, you can welcome event-goers back with confidence.  Crowds of people mean colonies of germs. Every surface is a touchpoint to spread illnesses like coronavirus from the seats to concession stands to walls and handrails.

Reopening event venues has become a logistical nightmare.  The cleaning schedules, distance planning, and supplemental staff training are putting a massive strain on revenues.  Simplify your plans and achieve the safety you need to bring back the crowds with CleanQore.  One long-lasting application of MonoFoil continuously kills bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, making it safe to open the doors.

Playing to Win

CleanQore makes it possible to have risk-free games for both players and fans. CleanQore can stop the spread of common infections like SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, flu, Rhinovirus (the acute rhinitis), H1N1 and more.

CleanQore’s MonoFoil shields all players, fans, and staff and provides everyone the peace of mind to perform their best and enjoy the game.  CleanQore is the application specialist for MonoFoil, the durable choice that continuously shields every surface area in your locker room or on the field for months with one solitary application.


It is costly and ineffective to constantly spray and wipe down every surface in your facility by hand with standard disinfectants.  Bacteria and viruses can easily and immediately infect those seats, lockers and benches again and the time and money is wasted.


It is time to get back to the excitement and passion only sports can offer.  CleanQore provides the solution which allows you to accomplish this with confidence and safety.

Enjoy Traveling Again

CleanQore can inspire people to travel again by securely applying a long-lasting disinfectant and antimicrobial in every corner of cruise ships, airplanes, and resorts.

The first step is making sure travelers feel secure and confident when reserving with you. Welcome them with the guarantee that every surface in your space is protected against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and give them the assurance that COVID-19 is killed.

The operational frustrations of COVID-19 cleaning are a significant drain on the bottom line and detract your employees from focusing on your customers. One long-lasting application of MonoFoil constantly eliminates bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, drastically reducing the need for constant wipe downs.

CleanQore dramatically decreases the chances travelers will succumb to deadly viruses throughout the travel experience and lessen the current anxiety now keeping your customers at home.  Restore confidence and replace the fear with the enjoyment your brand has worked so hard to create.

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